Microsoft tweaks Surface already

Software giant Microsoft has issued a firmware update for the Surface RT tablet to fix a few problems which appeared after the launch.

According to My ITForum, the update, enables the Surface to run a lot smoother and App transitions seem snappier

A report and a blog post here  also mention performance improvements when launching apps.

The firmware release is to fix a problem that some reviewers complained about which seemed to slow down the Tablet.

Fixes listed under a “cumulative update” include performance improvements “when you wake the computer and when the computer is asleep, in order to improve battery life” and a patch for “an issue that may prevent Windows Store Apps from being installed fully”.

It was expected that there would be a few hiccups with the Windows Surface RT. It was the first time that a version of Windows 8 written for ARM processors was released.

Earlier this week we reported that sales of the tablet were a lot slower than Microsoft expected  and some analysts think that it will take until the middle of next year to sell what Vole wanted to sell by Christmas.

Microsoft missed a chance with the Surface. Initially it was thought that Vole was going to issue a subsidised tablet which would have blazed its way into the market. However what it ended up doing was selling a tablet for the same price as most of the rest of the market with no compelling features other than its Windows operating system. As a result it is expected to perform on a par with others in the market. Nothing to see here, move on please.