Microsoft Surface to cost £650 or more…

It looks like Microsoft wants to push itself in the so expensive they are only bought by “people with more money than sense” category of tablets.

A Swedish website webhallen, has leaked the Microsoft Surface tablet prices, and a top of the range model will start at £645 with the top of the range model costing £1,500. That is pretty expensive for a keyboardless netbook, no matter what it is got onboard. For £1,500 we would expect the tablet to do the dishes, put out the cat, and take the kids to school in the morning.

The website lists prices of four Surface models, costing from £645 for the entry model, up to £1,500 for the top of the range tablet. They will be with us in October.

Vole has refused to say how much its tablets will cost. The official line is that retail pricing will be announced closer to availability and is expected to be competitive with a “comparable ARM tablet or Intel ultrabook-class PC”. With that, given that Intel Unterbooks are around the £950 mark, these prices are a lot higher than predicted.

Needless to say there are lot of Tech sites out there  which are suggesting that Microsoft is insane trying to release a product that is more than Apple’s offerings.

Vole has been claiming that it will sell several million of its tablets in 2013, but if this leak is true, it will be scratching to do that.

It is possible that Vole is thinking of selling them as part of packages to businesses, in which case the costs will be much lower.