Microsoft Surface II seen in the East

One of the the most over-used pieces of technology on Italian television is about to be updated.

Microsoft’s Surface, which appears on every Italian news, chat show, or weather report to give the illusion that it is all high-tech, is about to enter its second generation.

Surface is a big touch screen computer of biblical proportians which is sometimes called a tabletop, because you can eat your lunch off it.

According to CNET there are reports from Korea suggesting that the latest version will be made by Samsung and has the catchy title SUR40.

It will have a 40-inch display that can be mounted on a wall or embedded in other form factors.

Samsung’s channel partners in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand already have a few in stock.

This version uses PixelSense technology where the sensors integrated in the pixels that can recognise objects placed on the display.

This means that the machines can tell the difference between fingers, hands, objects or someone sitting on it during an office Christmas party.

Each pixel has optical tags that can be embedded with data to interact with software. The 1,920 x 1,080-pixel display supports up to 50 points of contact, which means that multiple users can use it at the same time.

SUR40 is a little more friendly with external devices such as your smartphone. By using Bluetooth, the SUR40 can be connected to your phone and transfer images and other files between the two.

As you would expect the price range takes it out of the league of anyone without a big budget. Prices start at $11,960 and there are no consumer apps written for it.