Microsoft restricts chipmakers

Microsoft appears to be trying to speed up the delivery of Windows tablets by locking in contracts between chipmakers and manufacturers.

According to Bloomberg,  Vole is offering sweetners to chipmakers that want to use the next version of Windows for tablets so that they work with no more than one computer manufacturer.

If chipmakers and computer makers agree to the terms, Microsoft has promised to make it worth their while. Even if it means that a chipmaker will be limited to one tablet design.

It seems that Microsoft is trying to tear a leaf from Apple’s book and keep a tighter control of its suppliers. By limiting variations, Microsoft can speed up the delivery of new Windows tablets and accelerating development.

It is not compulsory, but the restrictions seem to restrict variety. This is something that we have seen with Windows Mobile 7 which has so many specifications it is hard to create a design that is very different.

Acer Chief Executive Officer and Chairman J.T. Wang, in an interview yesterday at the Computex trade show in Taipei, that Vole had become very controlling and restrictive.

He said that it was trying to set the game rules and chip suppliers and PC makers “feel it’s very troublesome.”

The programme only applies to the version of Windows that’s being tailored for mobile computers and tablets. Desktop PCs will have no such limits, as with past versions of Windows.