Microsoft puts Windows 8 on a stick

Microsoft has come up with a wizard wheeze that will allow older PCs run Windows 8.

Dubbed Windows 8 To Go, Microsoft has stuck the software on a USB stick which boots up when you switch on the older PC.

Microsoft has installed it on a 32GB USB drive which runs Windows 8 on any PC you plug it into from Windows XP.

As well as storing the OS, the USB will save users’ apps and settings so that any PC the To Go stick is plugged into will seem like your home Windows 8 computer.

According to Techradar, the USB drive was shown off at Microsoft’s Digital Worldwide Partner Conference although no one was saying anything about pricing or availability. Windows To Go could be on sale by Christmas.

The USB is something that Linux users will be familiar with. If it is properly configured it can be like taking your desk around with you. All your apps and settings from work can be taken home with you.

This makes it handy for those outfits that want to use hot desking and older machines.

Of course it could also be a hacker’s wet dream if you ever lose it. Given that most people lose their car keys, wallets and phones, our guess is that losing your Windows on a stick would give a hacker a darn good way to get into your company.

It would be a little like having the computer in front of you without having to worry about a security guard popping around the corner.