Microsoft marketing means Move moved by Kinect

With the Kinect, Microsoft is pioneering a new way to look like an utter mug in front of a box in the corner of your room.

Nintendo did it first, on a mainstream scale, with the Wii. Microsoft realised people really love to make numpties of themselves so took it to the next level. And guess what? The gamble has paid off.

According to sales figures, Microsoft went way ahead of what it predicted for 2010 and outperformed its equivalent on Sony’s Playstation 3, the Move. Back when the Kinect was gearing up for a launch, Microsoft predicted the world would like it to the tune of five million units.

By January 4, 2011, Microsoft managed to flog in 8 million units to the retail channel. 
Sony’s Move managed to sail past the initial Microsoft forecast, but that includes all three flavours: the Move by itself, the Move with a camera, and the Move bundled with the console too. According to IHS iSuppli’s estimates, the channel sell probably got people playing on 4.26 million PS3s globally.

Although the standalone Move controller was cheaper than Microsoft’s Kinect by about $100, comparatively crap marketing meant Microsoft was the winner of the two in motion controlled gaming by far.