Microsoft is powered by poo

Software giant Microsoft has decided that the secret to having a good data centre is to have it powered by poo.

When the company dumped a press release on our desk saying that it would be opening a new data centre in Cheyanne, Wyoming it did not mention that its cloud will be similar to the one which was created by our dog.

The Data Plant will be the software giant’s first zero carbon data centre and will rely on human and animal waste er… bi-products to provide its back end with lecky.

Writing in his bog, Sean James, Microsoft’s senior research program manager for data centre advanced development, said the company has been committed to getting to the bottom of more efficient and sustainable data centre infrastructures since 1994. The post said that Microsoft is taking another step in that journey [surely it is sitting down, ed].

The new plant will be operated out of the Dry Creek Water Reclamation Facility, or a sewer as the rest of us know it.

It will convert the waste to bio gas extracted from wastewater treatment plants, farms, landfills and rest homes for the elderly.

James said that by capturing and reusing biogas on premise with its data centres, Microsoft will be able to significantly reduce its carbon emissions while producing beneficial uses at the same time.

Only time will tell if this proves yet another Ballmer sewercide business plan or will flush Microsoft’s bottom line with success.