Microsoft in no rush to join 3D race

Software giant Microsoft has decided that the race for 3D technology is yet another one it will not be joining in straight away.

Redmond has a history of waiting until technology comes out and is adopted by the great unwashed before announcing products of its own.

Unfortunately this means that it has missed quite a few good ones such as the Internet, smartphones and cut-price “netbook” tablets.

While Sony is pushing 3D gaming for its high-end televisions and Nintendo is bundling a 3D gaming system with its own, tiny high-end television, Microsoft said that it will not do something similar for its Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 is capable of displaying 3D visuals but Xbox head of global marketing Albert Penello told CVG  that the company is happy to be behind the curve in terms of making a major push.

He said he wanted to see what the adoption looks like. Penello added that there’s nothing technically that Microsoft can’t do on the 3D side and it has games out there.

Penello said that Microsoft was not totally opting out of 3D gaming. But at the moment he was more interested in making things happen with Kinect.

When Microsoft decides it wants to jump into 3D it’ll be because the consumer’s voted. But from a technical side, there’s nothing about it we can’t do, he added.