Microsoft drinks, drinks to Lily the Pink

Pink is the colour, devices land in spring. That’s what the blokes at Engadget believe, based on an article by Mary Jo Foley. That article is here.

Jock McFrockAt TG Daily there’s a report saying that scientists believe that runners could get up to 40 miles an hour – they’ve established the theoretic limits of running speed. I can manage three miles an hour when I’m topped up with a couple of Taliskers. That’s here.

Power supplies seem to be the name of the game over at the hardware sites these days – HardOCP reviews one with the compelling name of ABS Majesty MJ1100-M 1100W. It’s here.

Hexus has tested an Inno3D graphics card and the lengthy cognomen it’s been landed with outbids Mr Majesty above – because it’s called the GeForce GT 240 XStriker 3 iChill 512MB.  The name weighs almost as much as the card. The review is here.

The guys at Anandtech review the Intel Core i3 530 microprocessor and conclude that it’s a wonder of the world for overclockers and for gamers. The 530 clocks 2.93GHz but only costs $113. It doesn’t have a turbo mode. The review is here.

Gizmodo has a fun piece about the timeline of the Apple Tablet – in some senses it goes back to the Victorian Era, they reckon. That’s here.

IBM reckons it has set a new record in magnetic tape data density – it has created a prototype that has a density of 29.5 billion bits a square inch – about 39 times the areal data density of the best of the bunch. The tape is based on particles of barrium ferrite (BaFe). There’s a video all about it – below.