Microsoft declares mobile and wireless war on Apple

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has decided that his glorious company is no longer going to be out innovated by Apple.

In an interview with Computer Reseller News, he said that the days of Apple coming up with something new and better before Vole were over.

He promised that Microsoft is not going to allow any piece of the industry go uncontested to Apple.

The consumer cloud, hardware and software innovation is not going Apple’s way.

“We are not leaving any of that to Apple by itself. Not going to happen. Not on our watch,” he said.

He claimed that the Surface tablet marked a new era in which the computer software giant will leave no “stone unturned” in its innovation battle against Apple.

“We are trying to make absolutely clear we are not going to leave any space uncovered to Apple,” said a characteristically exuberant Ballmer .

While many would think that Apple has already snuck past Microsoft’s watch, stolen the family silver and disappeared back the way it came, it might be that Ballmer is right for the wrong reasons.

Microsoft has always allowed others to take the risk and then stepped in and taken over. Apple on the other hand is fast running out of ideas and is adding little value to its existing products.

Ballmer could be heralding a new counter-attack which could retake the ground lost to Apple over the years. Or it could just be more Ballmer bluster with very little in the way of success to back it up.