Microsoft builds a Mustang

Software giant Microsoft has been building a retro-Mustang and souped it up with computing gadgets.

According to AP, the “Project Detroit” custom car would make Knight Rider cry. It has a touch-screen digital instrument cluster display with eight unique “skins”. There is a tablet for the front passenger to browse the internet or play Xbox games.

It can even send other road users a message to stop tailgating.  If you do that in the US we would have thought you would need some form of bulletproofing.

The car has its own wi-fi hotspot, and  information such as the car’s speed, engine revs and its fuel level are stored in a server in the cloud. The driver can also track the location of the car via GPS, and even unlock and start the car from a Windows-equipped Nokia mobile.

The Mustang has an external audio system that can blare music outside of the car, or be used to talk to other road users. It can be programmed to tell dogs not to cock a leg against the paintwork and has Kinect cameras at the front and rear of the car. We are not sure what these will do. Perhaps give a possum a chance to use paw gestures as it bounces off the bonnet.

The car is a replica of a classic 1967 Mustang Fastback which has been built on top of a 2012 Ford Mustang.

As you would expect there are some integrated blue LEDs behind the brakes and the grille for the man who does not exist. Sadly if it is a Mustang it will look like a fish, drive like a leopard and steer like a cow.