Microsoft behaving strangely over Kinect

Software Imperium Microsoft is behaving oddly over its forthcoming Kinect motion controller.

Normally when the Imperium wants to launch a new device it packs of review gear to hacks to make sure that there is plenty for would be buyers to look at when it hits the shops.

Only this time the Imperium is apparently refusing to release any gear. According to Gamer Blorge, tech magazines are starting to wonder what the Imperium is playing at and there are dark mutterings on those sites where hacks gather to moan. The feeling is that there might be something wrong with Kinect that the Imperium hopes to fix before the launch date.

The last thing the Imperium wants is to get negative Kinect reviews go up before the November 4th launch date.

Game Blorge said Sony had their Move units out a month before launch.

It does seem that the Imperium is behaving oddly. It really needs a high profile launch if it is going to get enough hysteria to carry Kinect to the market and to do that it needs reviews. It also needs positive press. Recently it took another gaming magazine Destructoid to the cleaners after it posted some Kinect commercials and poked fun at them .

The story “Kinect TV adverts will make you vomit into your hands.” said that the Imperium had released a brood of brand new TV ads in preparation for Kinect’s release.

“They are about as cloying, desperate, arrogant and pathetic as you might imagine. In fact, they might be the most embarrassing commercials this industry has seen in years,” Destructoid wrote.

Microsoft accused Destructoid of posting copyrighted Kinect advertisements. Its interesting that the site is being accused of copyright infringements over advertisements of all things as normally publishers pay sites to post them.

If there is nothing wrong with the Kinect then the Imperium really needs to look at who is doing its PR for the the gear because it could be creating the wrong sort of hysteria.