Microsoft attacks Google Chrome notebooks

Software giant Microsoft has started to criticise Google’s Chrome, indicating that the outfit really does see it as a rival.

It all started when a demo of Google’s Chromebook used the logon name Tom Rizzo.

Rizzo happens to be the the senior director of online services at Microsoft who has poured much mock on Google’s attempts to get into the Enterprice.

When amused hacks told Rizzo about the demo, he said that the chances of him logging into a Chromebook were slimmer than a piece of paper which has been trying out a new no-food diet for 20 years.

Rizzo told Network World that while there is a bit of fun in the handbag wars between the two outfits, he believe Office and Office 365 are much better than anything Google has to offer.

Office 2010 is currently selling a copy per second and punters are deploying Office 2010 five times faster than Office 2007, Rizzo said.

The Office 365 limited beta attracted 100,000 organisations using Microsoft’s online products .

He pointed out that Vole has won a contract to move San Francisco to Microsoft’s cloud-based email, right on Google headquarter turf.

Rizzo said that whenever Larry or Sergey or Eric Schmidt go to court or go get their driver licences, they’ll be using Microsoft technology at the back end.

Rizzo said that Google’s estimates of how many Chromebooks it could buy were somehow a bit optimistic.

He said that many of them would just but a netbook and get the same thing without the hassle from Google, he said. “I don’t know why customers wouldn’t just go get a netbook. It’s pretty much the same thing. That argument, we should point out, did not stop Apple making a few bob from its keyboardless netbook range.

Rizzo said that most Chromebook buyers are likely to use Google Docs, and won’t get the “richer functionality” of Windows.