Microsoft antagonises with tablet strategy

A presentation by Microsoft at Computex yesterday ended up with delegates walking out after it failed to deliver what it promised and lay out its plans for the tablet market it desires.

At a presentation held at the TICC yesterday several people walked out when the Microsoft presenter said it would unveil its plans on Thursday instead. It is slated to do so at 10AM Taipei time today.

The SNAFU may have been a PR disaster but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from leaking details to the Wall Street Journal ahead of the statement.

In a report, Microsoft said Nvidia, AMD, Qualcomm, TI and Intel will be restricted to selecting a manufacturer apiece for the next version of Windows 8 for tabs.  TechEye anticipates that Windows 8 mobile is likely to be ready as late as the end of this year – so we’re talking 2012 really.

According to the report in the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft’s rather haughty stance on how it is going to dole out its favours has already thrown Acer into toys out of pram mode. The report quoted Acer president Jim Wong as saying the industry didn’t belong to Microsoft and it shouldn’t be allowed to dictate the rules of the game.