Microsoft admits that Blu-ray is not so bad

It has taken a year but Microsoft has totally reversed its anti-Blu-ray stance.

It was not long ago that if you mentioned Blu-ray in Redmond, you would have got a chair thrown at you or at least looked at in a strange way.

Microsoft was backing HD-DVD to the hilt, which unfortunately turned out to be the Betamax to Sony’s Blu-ray.

The competition between the two was fierce, with Microsoft insisting that Blu-ray was pants.

However, all that has now changed with the Imperium sticking its weight behind Blu-ray in its latest advertising campaign.

Now it is using its backing as proof that Microsoft machines are superior to the Mac.

This advert shows a poor Mac, which is after all an entertainment machine, being eclipsed by a Windows 7 machine. Jobs’ Mob is yet to do anything with Blu-ray.

To be fair to Steve Jobs, the Imperium is pushing Blu-ray disks knowing that they are old technology. With the move to online distribution, HD content is not going to be a matter of buying disks for much longer.

Still it is nice to see Microsoft taking the Michael out of Apple for being more backward.