Microsoft about to release a tablet

The word on the street is that the shy and retiring Microsoft CEO Steve “there is a kind of hush” Ballmer is fed up with people asking him why he has not released a tablet.

For years, Vole churned out tablets and no one wanted them. After Steve Jobs released one everyone thought he invented them.  But equally they want to know why Microsoft has not released a tablet to match the iPad.

Now according to CNET, Microsoft is about to release a branded tablet, taking the fight for slate supremacy directly to Apple.

Fliers for an event on Monday have gone out to the press. The Wrap got on the blower to one of its deepthroats in Vole hill who told him that the event was to launch an own-brand tablet.

What is unusual is that Microsoft will make the tablet itself and CNET thinks that it will have something to do with Nokia. The tablet will likely be an outing for the new Windows 8 as well.

It all strikes us as a little early to be running around with a new tablet when you are just getting a new operating system out.