Micron and Intel get NAND act together

Intel and Micron have been a-flutter for some time now with a joint-venture NAND flash fab in Singapore. Originally planned for 2008, it has been delayed again – with volume production penned in some time in the second quarter of 2011.

With the iPad and other tablets NAND flash shipments are expected to increase to 1.7 billion Gigabytes in 2011, up from the 428 million GB in 2010. At the moment Samsung and Toshiba has a firm hold on NAND and have both announced plans for some serious expansion including a new facility line for the former and a fab for the latter in Spring. 

With all the tablets rammed down the consumer’s neck it’s likely manufacturers aren’t going to find themselves in the dreaded oversupply territory, according to Micron. This year saw saw a slight shortfall for Apple gizmos and others when Toshiba’s Yokkaichi plant took a hit to its power. In the supply chain there’s still plenty of room for NAND and it’s bonkers Micron and Intel haven’t had their act together for this long.

According to DodgyTimes, Micron’s ClearNAND is what it’ll be pushing – mainly aimed at enterprise servers and, yes, tablet PCs.