Michael Dell stunned by low flying stealth tablet

Michael Dell, of Dell, gave a rare interview to the august Wall Street Journal and said that he “didn’t completely see” the rapid rise of the Apple iPad looming over the hardware horizon.

The CEO of the company named after him has confessed he was clueless about tablet PCs until their success hit him between the eyes.

He points out the stunningly obvious, that tablets have been available for quite some time. In fact, Microsoft and numerous hardware vendors have been peddling them for years and years without success.

But Dell is pinning his hopes on the Android operating system and believes that tablets using the freebie OS will eventually catch up with Apple. But it won’t be today, or tomorrow, he admitted.

Although Dell has been investing in storage, data centre, networking and services he maintains he is still a believer in PCs and he has no plans to sell off the business that made him what he is.

And of course he is a believer in the cloud, particularly in the enterprise sector, just like every other IT company is doing.

He said, puzzingly, that “Facebook will define a new requirement”. The interview is here.