Mechanical HDDs make great storage

While you might be all for the latest and fastest SSDs, you know you can’t do without a place to dump all your stored files. Hot Hardware looks at the Seagate Barracuda 3TB 7200RPM hard disk drive. Prices have come down a bit since the Thai flooding, and this is now becoming fairly affordable, if you ask us.

Dustin at Anandtech is trying out the SilverStone Temjin TJ04-E case. Most SilverStone cases cost an arm and a leg, and Dustin thinks this one is a bit overpriced. Hopefully you’ll find its features redeeming.

Whether you’re flying solo or having a bash online with your best mates on Modern Warfare or Battlefield 3, you just know sound is a big deal for gaming.  Tom’s Hardware did a roundup of several 5.1- and 7.1-channel gaming headsets.

Guru 3D takes a look at the Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced Black & White case is a special edition of the ‘standard’ CM 690 II Advanced. It has some unique features and isn’t too expensive, which Guru  3D recommends heartily.

OCaholic tests an MSI Big Bang Xpower II X79 motherboard. The XL-ATX sized motherboard will fit a total of seven full-sized PCIe cards for extreme graphics setups and still cater to overclocking fanatics. Marc is seems pretty happy about it.

Legion Hardware explores the finer details of Sandy Bridge-E memory performance. Sandy Bridge-E brought with it quad-channel memory controllers, but are they really worth the effort/cost? Steve says “no”, and surprisingly a single-channel setup did the job almost as well as a quad-channel. To add insult to injury, low-latency memory (the pricier kind) didn’t do much to improve the situation.

Asrock’s X79 Extreme9 motherboard is the very highest-end of motherboards the company has on offer. HardOCP gave it a test run and a rather sceptical Daniel remains unconverted to the Asrock flock. Kyle, on the other hand, thinks it’s a tough little mobo that sucks a little too much power for his liking.

Liquid cooling is now a very common cooling solution and Legit Reviews has one of them on the bench: Swiftech’s H20-220 Edge HD cooling kit. It isn’t DIY simple, because it requires some user setup, but the results are quite good. A bit pricier than your usual out-of-the-box Corsair kit, but it’s upgradable, which justifies the cost.

CPU cooling goes hand-in-hand with stability and overclocking. Bjorn3D tested the Silenx EFZ-120HA5 CPU cooler, a brand that isn’t known for its enthusiast-grade kit. However, Silenx has managed to squeeze great performance from an almost-silent cooler.