Masterimage 3D set to rock and roll

Charismatic industry figure Roy Taylor – pictured – said that products using Masterimage’s 3D tech are set to appear in shops as early as October.

The guys – better known for 3D projector technology – have mastered the art of producing technology for smartphones and for tablets, and what’s even better is you can switch the 3D off if you like.

The 3D stuff does not need spectacles of any kind, and the company makes its money by licensing its tech out, said Taylor, a veteran industry man who toiled for Nvidia for many a year.

Based in Hollywood – no not Holyrood you idiot – and in Pinewood in the UK, Masterimage thinks the future is looking good for tech without specs.

Taylor, pictured here, said that he is constant communication with film studios and the like. We will see products based on the tech this year for sale in the UK, he confidently predicted.