Manufacturers consider cooling fans for tablets

Manufacturers in Taiwan are claiming that a small portion of the tablet computing market will adapt cooling fans. Wait, what?

Although the point of a tablet PC is comparatively low power consumption, so cooling fans are not generally used, some fan makers, talking to Digitimes, claim that there is a small uptake in using the kit to boost performance. 

It’s not thought that the penetration is going to be very high at all. Probably for good reason: adding weight to a market with a unique selling point of being light and ultra-portable is kind of like putting lead-coated go-fast stripes on a pair of running shoes. And where do you stick them anyway?

They’re cheaper compared to desktop stacks and smaller in size but for a market where you need thin form factors and portability it is rather a conundrum.

For now manufacturers over in East Asia will be testing the water, according to Digitimes‘ sources, with estimates that machines with cooling fans could make up to 10 percent of total tablet PC shipments in 2012.

Along with the London Olympics, portable cooling fans are a sign that the Aztec prophecy of the world going to hell in a handbasket is likely to ring true.

The devices that will be fitted with cooling fans won’t be the swathes of ARM devices, rather Wintel tablet PCs. Demand for Wintel tablets will largely sit in the enterprise sector so the average consumer is unlikely to see them.