LSI, Seagate enter into solid state pact

Seagate and LSI Corporation said that they’re going to work together to produce PCI Express products aimed a the data centre and for cloud computing.

LSI will deliver board level products integrated with Seagate solid state drive (SSD) technology.

The companies will produce samples for OEMs starting in the second quarter of this year.

SSDs are predicted to be worth $2.08 billion for the enterprise sector by 2013.

Magnetic hard drives remain the core part of Seagate’s business. But, said David Mosley, an executive vice president at Seagate, Seagate will deliver the best fit products for IT with a mix of both traditional hard drives and solid state storage.

LSI executive VP Jeff Richardson said: “By building upon the industry’s most widely deployed SAS software stacks, OEMs and system builders will gain a proven, lower risk path to market and continuity across technology generations.”