Locals hype up Computex 2010

It hasn’t even started yet but already the locals here in Ole Taipei are talking up the Computex 2010 show, using a strange ginger haired kid to hype it like there’s no tomorrow (pictured)

According to the China Post, Computex will drag in $20 billion of business – that’s US dollar and that’s according to the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) – yeah we know TAITRA doesn’t relate to that spelled out.

There will be an astouding 1,715 vendors touting their stuff at nearly 5,000 booths, say TAITRA. They will be at the new trade center called the Nandang Exhibition Hall – mostly.

They’ll be jumping on every bandwagon you’ve heard about in the last five minutes, I’ll be bound – ereaders, androids, 3D – which doesn’t work by the way – and the rest. Oh yeah, and crowd computing. The Peoples’ Republic – different from the Republic of China (ROC) are taking a special interest in this year’s show with Hanwang pushing its e-readers like there’s no tomorrow.

No doubt we’ll discover all sorts of stuff we shouldn’t. Well we certainly hope so, any roadmap. There will certainly be a tomorrow. Well, we hope so, anyway.