Lite-On targets small business with E200 solid state drive

Optical storage maker Lite On has made its first move into the UK solid state drive market with the E200.

Aimed at small to medium business users it is attempting to push for more widespread SSD use, which are becoming more and more affordable.

Although a UK price has not yet been agreed, we are told, the SSD will be released in 80GB and 160GB flavours.

The 2.5 inch SSDs will be shipped with a 3.5 inch bracket meaning that the storage devices will be easy to put into a notebook or desktop.

The E200 will have sequential read and write speeds of up to 503 Mb/s and 265 Mb/s.  Random read and write speeds are 71,000 IOPS and 64,000 IOPS.

The drive also supports the latest SATA 6GB/s and uses a Marvell controller.   This means fast boot up times, as you would expect from an SSD, and less faffing around for office workers and those using business PCs.

Lite On is also promising reliable performance over a long period to combat any slow down with heavy usage of the E200.  True Speed certification standards mean that this should not be a problem, with efficiency staying the same throughout its lifespan.

With SSD prices dropping the popularity of the storage devices looks set to increase this year, both in the consumer space and for businesses.