Linux OS for Raspberry Pi available

The British outfit behind the Raspberry Pi bare-bones computer has just released a Linux operating system that will run on it.

Raspberry Pi Foundation said the Arch Linux ARM download is based on Arch Linux, which it says provides a lightweight base to shape the system to meet what anyone wants.

It is warning that as far as Linux goes it is not the easiest to deal with and “may not be suitable for beginners.” It may also need a responsible adult to help with the scissors.

Some of the reason that is not very user friendly is because it does not ship with a graphical user interface. The Foundation says people could “easily install” one. It will be released on a rolling-release cycle that can be updated daily through small packages instead of huge updates every few months.

The Foundation wants people to download from its site here so it can can see how many downloads are going on and use that to make rough predictions about sales.

The credit-card-sized computer has generated huge interest since its inception, with thousands of people pre-registering to buy it for £22.

Two days ago the Foundation also announced that it would be doubling the capacity of the Model A RAM to 256MB.