Lian Li rolls out another pretty tower chassis

Lian Li, maker of chassis and other things, is today launching its PC-8FI tower series chassis in red, black and silver, and it looks very pretty.

Lian Li’s latest effort is pleasing to the eye as well as offering a lot of options for the hardware and gaming enthusiast. It’s got an anti-vibration rubber ring suspension hard drive rack which can cater to six 3.5″ HDDs, as well as 3 Optical Device Drive bays. The eight included PCI mounting brackets all enabled CrossFireX and three-way SLI graphics card setups. These are also sitting tidy on a rubber pad to keep noise and vibrations to a minimum. Multimedia I/O ports can be found on the top panel and are USB 3.0 x 2, one e-SATA and an HD Audio port.

The designers have put in a cable clamp in the chassis as well as extra holes in the plates for cable routing. The chassis has two 120mm @1200rpm intake fans on the front panel and one of the same plonked on the back panel, all of which feature anti-vibration mountings. The top panel has space for one 140mm fan if needed.

Its overall dimensions are 210x460x490mm and can support video cards as large as 285mm. Its easy to take apart, says Lian Li, which makes cleaning the fans and removing the washable fan air-filters hassle-free.

To check out the product, which costs US $299 for the red chassis or $189 for the others, head on over to the Lian Li website here.