Lian Li announces shiny new chassis

Taiwan-based Lian Li Industrial has today announced its new TYR series of PC-x900 mid-tower chassis, fancy boxes that will turn your rig into an intimidating, glowing, shiny geek-tower.

The PC-X900 weighs in at 8.22kg and its dimensions are 230 x 598 x 388mm. It has three 5.25″ optical drives, seven 3.5″ hard drives seperated by two cages, can hold video cards with a maximum length of 300mm, boasts seven PCI slots, four USB 3.0 ports along the top next to one e-SATA HD audio part, and most importantly is available in shiny red, silver and black. It is designed to support ATX/M-ATX motherboards.

The chassis is designed to make it easy to take apart and tinker with. The transparent side-panel of the PC-X900 can be cranked open easily by a latch, where the motherboard tray can be opened and CPU coolers removed. The multimedia I/O parts are designed to sit on top of the case, and installing a 5.25″ optical drive is supposedly easy – just slide the drive into the bay and bring down the mounting bar to keep it in place.

The motherboard is situated in the middle of the X900 allowing for quick and easy access to the motherboard while also leaving room for CPU coolers.

To keep your Nerdobilisk cool and quiet the chassis has a fan controller built into the back of the case which easily allows for adjusting fan speed. It has vents on the PCI slots to keep graphics cards from burning out and the power supply unit can be found at the bottom of the case so it draws air in from the vent below. It’s got five 120mm LED fans built in, three at the front and two at the rear.

It is available to buy now for $439 through the Lian Li website here