LG sneaks tablet through the FCC

Ballmer may feel like slowly untying the noose around his neck – earlier reports of Windows 7 and Microsoft tablet woes this year are being allayed, slowly, surely by newcomers. Last month we had HP’s Slate 500. And word is LG has just had its own Windows 7 tablet passed through the Federal Communications Commission.

LG said recently that Android is simply not ready for tablets yet, and it looked like it would wait until codename Gingerbread was released before a slate would be on the cards. Details are very slim and unearthed by Wirelessgoodness.com .

The “LG H1000B” turned up on the FCC and a quick search turned up a picture doing the rounds of a shiny tablet.

It appears to be a Windows 7 touch screen model and probably powered by an Intel Atom. The screen looks large and its casing is sleek. While LG may have criticised Android for not being tablet-ready just yet, there are similar concerns about the default Windows 7 touch capabilities – particularly on the recently released HP Slate. Details are thin and we’ve asked LG – keep at least one eye open. 

Image from SoftPedia / TwitPic