LG reveals world's largest 3D TV

LG has unveiled the world’s largest 3D TV – a whopping 72 inches. The beast, named LG 72LEX9,  packs a True-Motion LED backlit display with a 480Hz refresh rate.

It also comes packed with DLNA compliance and allows web TV via NetCast.

The problem with this TV, despite the fact that it will mean you won’t be able to see what’s happening on one end of the TV while watching the other end, is that currently there’s very little 3D content out there. 

Sky and Virgin Media have launched their 3D TV stations recently, and there are Blu-rays and games on the market or on the way, but we’re not convinced it’s worth forking out the money for one of these at such an early stage in the 3D TV’s lifecycle.

It is expected to retail in South Korea first, with a wider release planned for the second quarter of 2011.

Prices are not yet confirmed, but some retail outlets have set it around £4,500, making it a hefty investment. Time to get a bigger house.