LG pins hopes on 55 inch OLED TV

LG will line up against Samsung with the release of a 55 inch OLED screen at CES, as TV firms look at new ways of wringing money from an increasingly difficult market.

With even the market leader in the LCD business functioning at a loss, organic light emitting diode (OLED) TVs could present a new opportunity for money-making, with 3D sets hardly setting the world alight.

Another TV maker Samsung has been developing OLED and AMOLED technology and it is thought that it too has a similar offering on its way at CES.  Though OLED telly’s have been around for a while they have failed to really take hold thus far.

According to LG, its TV will allow much higher picture quality than LCD, as can be expected with OLED screens, with a lighting speed of under 0.1 microseconds.  This means rapid movements will stay razor sharp without blurring it reckons, keeping extreme clarity. 

The contrast ratio will be around 100,000,000:1 says LG, meaning an increase of fifty that of LCD screens.

Part of the appeal will be the size of the TV. It will weigh in at a tiny 7.5 kg despite its massive screen size.   Furthermore a bezel of just 4mm will run around the edge of the screen. 

It not clear if the 55 inch OLED will also include Intel’s WiDi connectivity like many LG devices will later this year.

According to one LG vice president, the new set is “the TV of dreams”, though we reckon that the price tag could also elicit some nightmarish screams when it is revealed.

LG has not disclosed the retail price yet, but is a fair bet that whether it is a 3D or 2D version it is going to set customers back a hefty sum. Of course with more investment in OLED it could mean the technology could begin to rival LCD screens for price as well as quality.