LG confirms Android tablet for Q4

LG has confirmed that it will be releasing its own iPad contender powered with Google’s Android operating system in the fourth quarter of this year.

The new tablet will add to LG’s Optimus range, but the company was tight-lipped on details about the specifications of the device. It said that “more Optimus devices are in the pipeline, including the launch of LG’s Android tablet in the fourth quarter of 2010.”

With Android 3.0 slated for an October release, it appears likely that LG and other tablet makers will try to get the Gingerbread version onto their tablets instead of the recent 2.2 FroYo release, which many will consider outdated at that time. If LG releases with 2.2, like the other models in the Optimus range, while a rival releases with 3.0 it is sure to impact heavily on its tablet sales.

Since 3.0 is the most likely version on the new LG Optimus tablet we would expect a processor of at least 1GHz and RAM of at least 512MB, which is the rumoured minimum requirements for Android 3.0, a thing that may make it impossible for some older, less beefy devices to update to. This isn’t a whole lot to ask for a tablet, however, considering many Android smartphones run this or higher. The iPad itself also runs a similar spec.

It has also come to light that LG will release a Windows 7 tablet, but it is not clear when it plans to release it. Microsoft has been keen to jump on the tablet bandwagon and renew its old rivalry with Apple, with Steve Ballmer saying recently “We have to make things happen with Windows 7 on slates.” He will be pleased that LG is now on board.