LG 3D TV boast irks Sony down under

Sony and rival LG are arguing Down Under because of a study, sponsored by LG, which claimed its TVs were better than the competition.

Sony is demanding LG ceases its advertising based on the study. However, it is being tight lipped about whether it will seek legal action, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.  LG, formerly the naff-sounding LuckyGoldstar, is already in a bit of trouble with other mega-rival Samsung because it claimed its TVs were brighter. 

In a test reminiscent of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, LG set up some unbranded 3D tellies at shopping centres across Oz. It found that of the 4,000 consumers who had a play, 82 percent allegedly plumped for LG’s Cinema 3D TV. The other TVs were from Samsung and Sony. 

Sony was up in arms about the campaign, particularly when it found out LG’s marketing manager announced that it’d be the main focus of a new marketing push. The ‘Herald managed to get a copy of a letter sent from Sony’s legal team to LG. In it, it says LG’s big idea contains “a number of misleading representations.” Sony hasn’t had a formal reply from LG yet.

LG insists that the survey was independent and carried out through TNS Global. A spokesperson told the Herald that LuckyGoldstar “has confidence” in the results and that the claims stand up. 

Meanwhile, Samsung said its 3D tellies hold the majority of the market, so it’s not really worrying. 

All are determined to win the 3D battle despite the technology, which requires clunky glasses no matter which way you look at it, sits in its infancy – and the response from consumers is a collective long sigh.