Lenovo to create 23 inch tablet

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth rumour which suggests Lenovo is thinking of making a 23 inch tablet.

A tablet is the chocolate teapot of IT at the best of times and the bigger it is, the more potentially useless it could be. Having a keyboardless netbook that is the same size as a monitor really takes the biscotti, as they say in Rome.

Needless to say that has not stopped Lenovo, which thinks it can mirror Jobs’ Mob’s success by having a tablet that is bigger than anything he could dream up.

Senior marketing specialist William Cai told TechRadar  that Lenovo has to work out the battery problems for such a mega device. With a screen that large you would probably go through your battery by the time you have booted up.

Then there is the small matter of needing to be the Incredible Hulk to be able to carry it.

“It’s obviously not for full mobility use, but it could be moved from room to room in the house and used with a full keyboard, or as a television,” he said.

Then he suggested the first decent use of a tablet we have heard of.

“You could lay it on a table top and use it for family games,” he suggested. We don’t think he meant Twister, and practising creating families is a great game for two. In the tablet market we have mostly seen Steve Jobs using the tablet for family games with his customers.

To be fair to Lenovo it sounds a lot like a more portable version of Microsoft’s Surface computer. If it is , then it will cost an arm a leg and there will probably be cheaper ways to play family games.

However it also seems to be a low powered version of an all in one PC, which on the face of it would be a less portable, better bet.