Lenovo tipped to buy MSI

We’ve heard whispers in Old Taipei about that beautiful charming lady in red, MSI, is being approached by yet another interested suitor – Lenovo.

Computex, old hands confirm, is always buzzing with rumours that MSI is finally ready for a white wedding. In recent years, the suave and charming Gigabyte offered to take MSI out for drinks. MSI may have accepted a couple of times but was playing typically hard-to-get. Defeated, Gigabyte retreated and concluded that there are more fish in the sea. Well, that was the rumour anyway.

The dating pool here in Taipei is bustling. Queen Bee Asustek  flouts its expensive cocktail gowns while Gigabyte is next in the social pecking order. MSI attracts a lot of attention but so far has not decided to settle down.

But why exactly would Lenovo want to buy MSI? Is it for the product expertise? Its well received lines of notebooks? Or for its phonebook?