Lenovo shows off shiny new notebooks

Chinese PC maker Lenovo has announced a few new Thinkpads for businesses and discerning users. Somewhere in a lengthy press release featuring no specs it can be discovered the Edge E220 and E420 series notebooks don’t only look so wonderfully nice, urban, elegant and whatever, but also come with either an Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 CPU, depending on the budget.

In contrast to the 12.5-inch E220 series, the 14-inch E420s have a slot-loading DVD read/ write drive. Both series have keyboards one can spill coffee on without worrying, sparing IT departments a few frustrating calls from levels above the basement. Higher-end models pack an SSD and can boot Windows 7 up to 30 percent faster.

Punters can also find a terribly annoying video on Youtube for the machines, revealing they feature boring Intel HD 2000/ 3000 graphics, a HDMI and the odd USB port. Le nouveau notbooks sport support for wifi, UMTS and wannabe 4G pseudo-standard Wimax.


In addition, the X120e subnotebook was also unveiled, apparently the first one packing AMD’s Fusion E-series APU (accelerated processing unit). Lenovo claims the power of the lesser X86 company makes surfing the internet faster, gives 65 percent better graphics performance compared to the preceding Thinkpad X100e series and runs six hours on a six-cell battery.

Lenovo X120e

It has an 11.6-inch wee screen, comes packed with a wi-fi card just like its brethren and can be ordered to have Bluetooth and UMTS modem. Prices start at $400 for the X120e, the rest of the current generation cost $599 upwards.