Lenovo says slate devices aren't any cop

Hardware manufacturer Lenovo has rejected outright the concept of a tablet device such as the iPad, saying that customers just don’t want that kind of thing. People want, want, want keyboards.

Lenovo’s worldwide product manager, Mika Majapuro, told Cnet that customers wanted keyboards and not devices without them.

He said that he was surprised at customers’ reactions to a slate only device – based on their need for a real keyboard that you can tap away on.

Even children like the idea of a keyboard, he told Cnet. Although Lenovo had experimented by producing mockups of machines without keyboards, it has now decided to abandon the idea and stick to its last by producing tablet machines that did have keyboards.

Basically, a lot of people like pressing buttons, we guess, rather than waving their hands over devices to no great purpose.

The Cnet interview is here.