Lenovo gets more loved up with AMD

Despite being a tough old chinese nut to crack, Lenovo certainly seems loved up with AMD these days as, just in time for Valentine’s Day, the firm has announced yet another couple of AMD based laptops and an all-in-one desktop.

Lenovo first declared its love for AMD a couple of months back with the Athlon Neo-powered ThinkPad X100e, but the firm now wants to offer its affections to more mainstream punters with its Athlon or Turion based G455 and G555 notebooks.

The firm isn’t saying what flavor of graphics will be bunged into its latest offerings, but it’s thought to be DirectX 10-class at a bare minimum.  

And at a price point of $450, including some fancy-shmancy Lenovo branded power management software, backup, and webcam capable of facial recognition, there certainly is a lot to love.

We’re told the G450 will have a respectable 14” screen size, while its bigger brother, the G550 will sport an impressive 15.6” screen, both with wide screen 16:9 displays.  

As for the all-in-one offering, Lenovo’s C315, that will apparently boast a big 20″ touch-screen, a dual-core Athlon processor, Radeon graphics of some denomination or other, and 4GB of RAM. That will set punters back another couple of hundred bucks however at a starting price of $650 when it lands on shelves in April.