Lenovo announces 12 new IdeaPad laptops

Computer manufacturer Lenovo has just announced three new product lines of 12 IdeaPad laptops.

The new lines involve an update to the U-Series and the completely new V-Series and Z-Series.

The U-Series line will include the IdeaPad U160 and U460. The U160 has an 11 inch screen and will run an Intel Ultra Low Voltage processor for extra battery life over processing power. The U460 is a slightly bigger beefed up version with a 14 inch screen and running a standard voltage Intel Core processor up to Core i7, 4GB RAM, and an option for an added graphics chip.

Both U-Series laptops will have ThinkPad-style keyboards, three or more USB ports, E-SATA and HDMI ports, and a finger print reader. Hard drives range from 160GB to 500GB in 5,400rpm or 7,200rpm.


The V-Series is aimed at businesses, with the V410 featuring a standard keyboard along with a textured touchpad equipped with multitouch. It will also house a DVD burner and a fingerprint reader. It will use a Core i3 or Core i5, 4GB RAM, and the same option for an extra graphics card.

The Z-Series are high-end luxury devices aimed at mobile performance enthusiasts. The Z360 has a 13.3 inch screen, while the Z560 has a 15.6 inch one. Both feature Intel Core processors, nVidia graphics card,  HD-ready widescreens, the option of a Blu-ray drive, and come packaged with Lenovo’s OneKey Theater II software for a ready-made cinema experience.


A Z565 model is available with AMD processors and ATI graphics cards.

Prices start from $679 for the U-Series and $649 for the Z-Series.

Lenovo was considering buying Palm last month but was ultimately beaten to it by Hewlett-Packard, but clearly it is not resting on its laurels with this latest announcement.

The new laptops will available at the end of the month.