Lenovo A720 Ideacentre bears resemblance to fruit

Lenovo announced its A720 ideacentre all-in-one PC, the line’s most striking feature is the fact that they don’t look like your typical Lenovo product, but a certain rival’s.

The brushed metal and frameless slim LED panel bear the characteristic finish of a certain iSomething, yet the A720 has its own unique features when drawing the unavoidable comparison: a slim panel with a slightly lightweight screen resolution than your typical iMac (1920×1080 vs. 2560×1440), ten-point multi-touch, up to 1TB storage plus a 64GB SSD (which we presume is your boot drive).

Everything will be driven be Intel Core processors and Nvidia Geforce M-series graphics. Specs do not seem to be carved in stone as networking and connectivity have been purposely omitted from the communiqué.

There is room for a slot-loading optical drive, though, which means you’ll more likely than not be able to use it as your personal TV set. To shake the apple tree a bit more, Lenovo will undercut your typical iMac by as much as $400 when the PC goes on sale in the first half of 2012.

We’ve seen Apple sick its legal hounds on rivals for a lot less than this, which does not go to say it will happen at all, you know, it isn’t like Samsung got into hot water over the Galaxy Tab…

We’re sure that one day the ebooks of history will attribute Apple with the invention of the wheel, the rectangle and the porta-potty, but until then we would like to see more of this kit with an affordable pricetag.