LED wars grow as Samsung rejects Osram legal push

South Korean chaebol Samsung has rejected legal moves by Siemens subsidiary Osram that it has breached a number of patents relating to LED lighting.

Samsung said that while it had not been served yet with a writ, the matter is related to its own attempts to sue Osram in both Korea and the USA.

Last month Samsung complained to the USA International Trade Commission, wanting it to prevent Osram importing certain products. It also sued Osram in a US district court, alleging it breached Samsung patents.

Samsung LED has filed 4,000 patents relating to its LED technology and said that it will “vigorously enforce” its intellectual property rights.

Osram obviously feels the same – so the sparring will continue until the parties decide to cross-license technology, with no-one but the companies knowing the details of the deal.

And the lawyers will sit back with their hands behind their head until the taxi meter stops running.