Large flat panel shipments fell in June

Shipments of large TFT LCD flat panels fell in June 2010 by 2.1 percent as manufacturers took steps to prepare for the second half of the year.

According to market research company Displaybank, shipments amounted to 57.20 million units with revenues amounting to $6.96 billion. But even though there was a decline in shipments, Displaybank said that LCD TV shipments rose 1.7 percent to amount to 17.56 million units.

That’s a record shipment of LCD TV units. At the same time LCD monitors amounted to 17.97 million units, while notebooks dropped by 3.3 percent, month on month to 20.70 million units. The following graph, courtesy of Displaybank, shows the monthly trends in the market.

Displaybank June figures

In geographical terms, South Korea had 47.6 percent market share, followed by Taiwan with 41.3 percent share.

LG Display held the pole position at 24.8 percent market share, followed by Samsung – yet the latter was the leader in terms of revenue.

Senior analyst Ricky Park said the declines on both price and shipments was prompted primarily by TV manufacturers operating a stable inventory strategy and concerns about the economy slowing down in the second half of this year.