Laptop reads your eyes

Boffins have come up with a laptop which can read where you want your cursor by tracking your eye movements.

According to Associated Press,  the laptop can work out where you’re looking on the screen. It can scroll text in response to eye movements, sensing when the reader reached the end of the visible text.

The idea is being shown off by Tobii Technology which is a Swedish outfit. It works by shining two invisible infrared lights at you. Two hidden cameras ook for the “glints” off your eyeballs and reflections from each retina.

Calibrated can be a bit of a chore but it does not seem to need to worry about glasses or contacts.

Barbara Barclay, general manager of Tobii’s Analysis Solutions business said that it will not replace the mouse and keyboard but could make the computer faster and more efficient to use.

Eye-tracking devices have been around for nearly a decade but has been mostly niche stuff shoving it onto a Lenovo laptop apparently makes the beast a bit thicker and is probably not ready for the commercial big time yet.

We are expecting to see one at CeBIT this week. Of course if we see it before it sees us the technology is probably not up to much.

Tobii’s current, standalone eye-trackers cost tens of thousands of dollars, but Barclay said the cost of adding consumer-level eye-tracking to a commercial laptop could be much less.