Lack of content hinders 3D TV sales

Manufacturers of TVs are set to add USB connectors to their TVs this year while Skype is moving into the living room with video calling – but while the vendors continue to churn out 3D hype, lack of content could well slow down adoption.

That’s according to market research company Displaysearch in a report that estimates 100 million “connected TVs” will ship by 2013, up 546 percent from the 15 million that shipped in 2009.

According to Displaysearch, government policy in Brazil and China is driving adoption of digital broadcasting, while this year is the year for terrestrial TV in 2010.

Analyst director Paul Gray said that its research shows that LED backlighting and 240Hz LCDs will help to drive feature developments in TV during this year, and they’re enabling technologies for 3D.

He estimates that 2.5 million 3D capable TVs will ship this year, and grow to 27 million sets by 2013.

Gray said: “We are just seeing the hype turning into real products, but the key issue will be how consumers react and the industry will learn a great deal as people take 3D sets home and use them. There are many complications in the supply chain, starting with a shortage of content. The content industry probably has the biggest task ahead.