Kingston Technology releases USB 3.0 products roadmap

The European arm of Kingston Technology has announced that it will boost its support for USB 3.0 this year after revealing its roadmap setting out a range of the Flash drives compatible with the latest USB version.

The firm made the announcement at CES that, following the widespread take up of its Data Traveler Ultimate 3. 0 and HyperX MAX 3.0 external drive, it will continue to release products that cater towards users who seek the faster data transfer rates offered by USB 3.0.

“As USB 3.0 technology grows and more platforms and computers support the USB 3.0 standard, we recognise the need to develop different solutions to address various target markets and help drive adoption,” said Jim Selby, Kingston Technology’s European product manager.

It was announced that Kingston, who have already predicted big things for USB 3.0 in 2011, will release what it considers to be its fastest USB 3.0 so far, the DataTraveler Hyper X 3.0.  This will serve as the flagship model the HyperXperience line of Flash products which include SSDs, USBs and cards, as HyperX enthusiast memory modules.

Kingston has previously released the DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 last September, its first USB 3.0 Flash drive using a SATA bridge chip to attain high data transfer rates. 

The firm says that as single-chip controllers become available it will release a second generation of the DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0, available in 16-, 32- and 64GB capacities.

It is also said that as more PCs ship with USB 3.0 capability in the during the second and third quarters of this year Kingston will also be releasing an entry level Flash drive to go with these systems, aimed at consumers with a lower capacity and price point to help drive mainstream adoption.

Kingston will be hoping that much delayed Intel products will finally ship USB 3.0 connectivity, with other firms also being remarkably slow in uptake of the technology