Kingston predicts SSD, USB 3.0, virtualisation, memory growth in 2011

Kingston has made a number of predictions for 2011, suggesting that the SDD industry will be revolutionised, memory virtualisation and cloud computing will become prominent, USB 3.0 will become a standard in most new motherboards, and the flood of tablets expected to hit the market will drive memory card sales.

John Tu, President and co-founder of Kingston, revealed his forecast for 2011 today. Solid State Drives were a particular focus, with Tu believing that costs per gigabyte will come down further in 2011 just as they have in 2010. This is essential if the SSDs are to be bought in the wider consumer market, as they remain quite expensive compared to traditional HDDs.

Tu predicts that SATA 3.0 will become more common in 2011 and that SSDs will therefore aid a revolution in how computers are designed. He expects that SSDs will be integrated into more computer devices, which could particularly benefit the automotive and manufacturing industries.

He also believes that ATMs and CCTVs will benefit from switching to SSDs in order to reduce failure rate and extend the life of the overall system.

Virtualisation of server environments is expected to flourish in 2011 thanks to developments in the cloud computing sector. With this approach being more cost effective more companies are likely to virtualise their data centres and Tu believes this will help push sales of essential components like processors and memory.

USB 3.0 has not taken off yet like many previously predicted, but Tu believes that 2011 could be its big year, with many of the motherboards expected to launch then featuring USB 3.0 as standard. Adoption is expected to rise as more people look to increasing transfer rates to cope with the significantly higher volume of data users generally have nowadays.

Tu expects that external storage will become a pressing concern for many people next year when the flood of iPad rivals arrives. Since most of these tablets include very little internal storage there will be little option for consumers but to buy memory cards to boost their device storage. This is likely to further boost memory sales in 2011.