Kingston boast Hyper-X is world's fastest memory

Kingston today announced that Intel has certified the Kingston’s HyperX dual-channel DDR3 as the world’s fastest memory on the market today, clocking in at 2400MHz, with a kit size of 4GB 2DIMM.

The HyperX was closely followed by Corsair kit, being the next best clocking a speed of 2333MHz with the same kit size. While Kingston took the top spot, Corsair dominated the top five, holding the second, third and fourth best speeds. Transcend came in third with a clock speed of 2000MHz.

The memory was tested on different P55 motherboards, including the Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4P for which both Kingston and Corsair were granted certification. Check out the PDF chart here.

Kingston also announced today that its low-voltage registered dual inline memory modules, or RDIMMs, have been validated for the release of the Intel Westmere-EP processors. Kingston’s ValueRAM DDR3L server RDIMMs are touted as high performance while going easy on energy.

The idea is that, by combining the low-voltage server memory with the Westmere 32nm processor, performance speed will be up to scratch while not consuming huge amounts of energy.
The HyperX 2400MHz memory will be available in the second quarter of this year.