Kinect headed for Windows 8 laptops

It seems that the good people from Microsoft have a plan to shove Kinect into laptops, which have been spotted in the wild running on Windows 8.

Hacks at the Daily claim to have seen two Microsoft-developed Windows 8 notebook prototypes with built-in Kinect sensors. They allowed for gesture recognition in portable devices for the first time.

The prototypes were Asus machines which had an array of small sensors stretching over the top of the screen where the webcam would normally be.  They did not say what the range of the Kinect on the laptop was. Kinect usually works better at a distance than close up.

3D gesture control on a laptop could be really effective for Kinect-style PC gaming and also mean that portable mice could really be a thing of the past.

Microsoft opened up its Kinect SDK to developers in June, and recently said it would be bringing Kinect to desktop PCs next month.

Wired is reporting that SoftKinetic is working on similar technology aimed at the notebook market and it can sense motion as close as 5.9 inches. LG and Samsung, whose upcoming Smart TVs have taken a cue from Microsoft, will incorporate Kinect-style gesture recognition.