Kindle set to burst into flames

By 2016, e-reader shipments will hit 67 million, triple the number of devices that will ship this year.

That’s according to Juniper Research which said that the gizmos are unlikely to be threatened by an also burgeoning tablet market. Juniper said that 55.2 million tablets will ship this year.

Daniel Ashdown, the author of the report, said: “Electronic ink technology will ensure that the device continues to carve out a niche for itself.”

Amazon, said Ashdown, has done its homework. “It knows there is not a one size fits all device that makes everyone happy.  While the iPad 2 is a premium tablet for Generation Y, Amazon has the wider market covered.”

Barnes & Noble is also making sure that it stays in the game because of the Nook Color, a touchscreen LCD e-reader that comes with an app store.

The Kindle Fire, which only costs $199, is a mass market alternative to the iPad and other, more expensive tablets, from other vendors.

But, he added, hybrid displays could spell doom for e-readers because vendors are experimenting with devices that integrate electronic ink and LCDs.