Just one councillor turns down iPad offer

IT seems that a Leicestershire Councillor has got a conscience after all and turned down the offer of an expensive Apple toy bought at the community charge payer’s expense.

Labour cabinet member Sarah Russell has cancelled her order saying that while it might help her do her job as a councillor she had to be be aware of how it appears to taxpayers.

She said that she has asked the IT department to look at more cost-effective ways of helping councillors to work efficiently.

Most Leicestershire people consider the buying of iPads a complete waste of money, particularly when the council expects to slash £100 million from its budget and lay off up to 1,000 staff.

The idea was that the iPads would mean that the council would no longer need to print council papers.

The same funds could be used for paying for computer and internet access, or for a mobile phone. We wonder whether or not this would be cheaper and more useful than an iPad. Either way – if tablet PCs are needed, it would be better to wait until there are more options in the market. The BBC is still trialling iPads as far as we are aware.