Juniper warns that Ultrabooks are half-baked for now

Beancounters at analyst house Juniper do not think that Ultrabooks are ready to take the world by storm yet.

The group declared that Ultrabooks will expand in the market over the next five years but at the moment they are too expensive to attract customers.

While Intel can take comfort from the fact that Juniper does not think Ultrabooks will be a passing fad, it will not be happy that the outfit doesn’t think things are ready yet.

Juniper thinks that Ultrabooks will see at three times the growth rate of tablets over the next five years, with Windows 8 playing the pivotal role in driving adoption.

It said that with extended battery life, always-on-always-connected and other functionalities coming with Microsoft’s next OS, the Ultrabooks will be pretty cool.

The problem is that the higher price tag negates any argument that they’re a value proposition.

Juniper Research analyst Daniel Ashdown wrote that Intel’s control of the brand ensures that Ultrabooks stand out from traditional notebooks, but vendors face a balancing act in terms of product strategy.

“Meeting Intel’s specification secures brand status and funding, but the step-change from notebooks means many of today’s Ultrabooks are too expensive for many consumers,” he said.